Why Dance?

There are tons of benefits for young children in dance.

1. Physical benefits – Children will develop fine and gross motor skills, faster muscular development, better posture, balance, and grace faster than the average child who is not in dance.

2. Mental benefits – Children who dance develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and the natural skill to pick up on complex concepts faster than others. They also tend to be more likely to work hard in school, and less likely to give up when encountering something difficult.

3. Lifetime preparation – Children learn important skills like teamwork, confidence, demonstrating in front of groups, body language, and response to cues.



Tots Ballet

Tots Ballet (ages 2-3) and Pre-School Ballet (ages 3-4)

An introduction to the world of dance, incorporating imagination and fun with the foundations of ballet and jazz technique. Participants will also gain a musical appreciation, through a variety of songs, word plays and the use of props and musical instruments. A combination of many dance forms, the creative movement component of each class allows students to get in touch with their creative self, encouraging exploration and imagination, while building confidence. They will gain a greater understanding of rhythm, movement quality, space, body awareness and shape.



BalletBallet (ages 5 and up)

The basis of all dance forms, Ballet dates back to the 17th century. Ballet is the balance of strength, control and precision, with grace, fluency and a sense of line. The Dance Class follows the Cecchetti Ballet method. These classes will focus on developing technique, artistry, poise and performance quality. Students who are serious about refining their technique will greatly benefit from the quality ballet instruction offered at The Dance Class.



Pointe (ages 12 and up)

Pointe is an extension of the ballet program. It requires a strong background of ballet technique, coupled with consistent, and current ballet training. Students are required to demonstrate a necessary amount of core stability and strength in their legs and feet. Candidates must also demonstrate the motivation to work on their craft outside of the studio, as pointe requires an additional amount of class preparation. This class is available only to those taking at least three other ballet classes weekly. A student’s eligibility for this program will be determined by individual assessment.



Intensive BalletIntensive Training Ballet Programme (ages 7 and up)

This programme cultivates and nurtures talented young dancers through comprehensive and rigourous training designed to teach young dancers the techniques and discipline necessary to hone and apply their natural talents. The programme offers the student a variety of learning opportunities through workshops and Cecchetti examinations. Entry to this programme is based on individual assessment and teacher recommendation.



Jazz (ages 3 and up)

A style that sparks energy and passion in all those who dance it. Jazz can be interpreted as powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical. It is a style that has developed parallel to popular music and physically embodies the music of that era. Syncopated rhythms and the use of body isolations are also characteristic of this genre. Senior level classes will also incorporate elements of lyrical and contemporary technique.



_grp0623Tap (ages 5 and up)

This style is for everyone. Anyone at any age can have a go, and quickly gain a real sense of accomplishment! This genre helps students to strengthen their musicality and fine motor development. Tap teaches an awareness of beat, timing and rhythm. Tap dancing is a fun and exciting form of dance, so come and find your feet!



Hip HopHip Hop (ages 5 and up)

Join our hip hop crew! A high energy class influenced by the sounds and movements of today’s hottest videos and choreographers. Hip hop is diverse and forever changing. This form of dance offers students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.



Acro (ages 5 and up)

Incorporating elements of gymnastics floorwork with dance. A powerful genre that develops flexibility, strength and control combined with musicality.




ModernModern (ages 10 and up)

The focus is on setting the foundation of a modern dance technique, incorporating elements of both the Limon and Graham methods. Dancers learn to be grounded and initiate movement from their core. This class focuses on the effect of breath on a student’s dancing, and is an important class for those looking to broaden their dance experience in a high school or post-secondary dance education programme.


Musical Theatre Musical Theatre (Our Glee Club)(ages 7 and up)

Wanna be a star? Find your spotlight in this class! Students have the opportunity to extend their performance vocabulary by introducing acting, singing and improvisation to their dancing. Students will study the scores of classic and contemporary musicals while broadening their horizons and gaining a new perspective of performance quality.


Adult Programs

Don’t worry if dance passed you by the first time around! Maybe you are looking to reconnect with your love of dance…Either way, we offer exciting opportunities for both! Check out our classes in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz/Hip Hop. Add physical fitness into your weekly routine in a comfortable and welcoming setting.
Check out our adult dance and fitness schedule at http://thedanceclassmilton.com/adult-classes/


Company Program (ages 4 and up)

A performing company where students train intensively and are invited to further their dance studies by learning a repertoire of more challenging choreography. Participation in this programme is by teacher assessment and audition.

For more information on our company program please visit the tab above. 


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