The Dance Class Competitive Company

Our Company program is more than just a Competitive team, it is also a Company created to give back to the community through performances and special events while instilling the importance of personal growth versus just receiving trophies! Students will participate in 4 Competitions as well as local community events including Milton Culture Days, Local Fairs and Fundraising Events and The Nutcracker Holiday Spectacular, to name a few!

We offer two levels of Company each season- Part-Time and Full-Time Training Levels.  Our goal is to provide various levels of training to our students while offering extra performance opportunities. Please see a detailed breakdown of requirements for each level below.

Thursday, May 16th, 2024 

4:45-5:30 Ages 5-8

5:45-6:45 Ages 9-11

7:00-8:00 Ages 12-14

8:15-9:30 Ages 15+

Company Meeting with Miss Rosemary will be held from 4:45-5:30 pm. Dancers should attend the class above while dancers participate in the age appropriate class above.

An optional warm-up/stretch class will also be available for ages 9+ 45 minutes prior to your audition as follows:

5:00-5:45 Age 9-11

6:15-7:00 Age 12-14

7:30-8:15 Age 15+

The jazz-based audition will include a short warm-up, across the floor, and the combination will be performed in small groups. All dancers will need to fill in registration prior to auditioning. Please contact the studio at to register!



What is the audition process? Dancers can attend our open audition in the Spring or schedule a private audition in the Spring/Summer. Once they have been invited into the Competitive program, all dancers MUST attend one of our Intensive Camps (based on age and ability) as the final stage of the audition. Dancers will be evaluated for additional groups, duets/trios, and solos at this camp.

What is the time requirement? Part-time dancers are looking at a 2-4 day commitment and full-time dancers will train 3-5 days a week based on how many classes the dancer chooses to participate in.

How many classes does my dancer have to take each week? All dancers must take at least one class in ballet, jazz, and tap. Why? Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and teaches posture, control, and transitions. Tap helps with rhythm, musicality, and fine motor skills and jazz helps with style, flexibility, and coordination.

Can my dancer just compete in Tap, Hip Hop, or Acro? All dancers must compete in 1 jazz routine in order to participate in the TDC Company. After that, dancers may be invited into tap, acro, hip-hop, ballet, musical theatre, lyrical, and/or contemporary groups.

Do you offer advanced levels of training? Dancers may be asked to participate in our advanced acro classes (a secondary acro class each week) to develop additional tumbling and contortion skills and/or our Advanced Ballet/Pointe program which is a 4th class each week focusing on pointe work, variations and ballet fundamentals.


Competition tuition fees for the season are divided into 10 equal payments due at the 1st of each month from September to June. Each competitive dancer is also charged a  $150 + HST registration fee which includes the registration fee, photos/videos of First Look 2025, and a limited edition logo wear item for the season.

Additional competition fees are due as follows: Costume Deposits- September 15th, Entry Fees- October 15th,  Choreography Fees- November 15th, and Costume Balances- on or Before January 15th.

Approx Fees for a competitive routine (Costume, Choreography and Entry Fees) are $500-$650 +HST per Group, $800-$950 + HST per Duet/Trio and $900-$1,200 + HST per Solo based on style, choreographer and costume.


Please email the studio at to set up your audition for the next season.

Successful dancers will be required to attend 1 week of TDC Summer Intensive.


There is no audition charge for all current TDC dancers.

Audition fee for students not currently registered at TDC – $25.00. 

Private auditions available for $45.00


Part-Time Company

This program is for dancers who want to be a member of the Competitive team without committing to full-time hours. Dancers in this program must train between 3-6  hours a week plus choreography time. Members must take Jazz and Ballet plus Tap and/or Acro. Dancers may also train in hip-hop, musical theatre, modern, or additional ballet classes.

Part-Time Company
Dancers in this program:
  • Dancers Age 4-17- Train 3-6 hours a week
  • Must train in ballet, tap or acro, and jazz (1 class in each style, per week)
  • Dancers compete in a mandatory Jazz Routine for Competition
  • Dancers may choose to train in 1 or 2 additional styles: lyrical, hip hop, modern, etc.
  • Dancers may be offered an additional group, duet or trio, based on invitation.
  • Dancers will not train more than 6 hours a week
  • Monthly fees range from $160-300 per month for classes, based on total hours of training
  • Additional fees for costumes, entrance fees and choreography (for additional group, duet or trio) will apply
  • Dancers must be available to attend our Summer Dance Intensive in August.


Full Time Company

This program is for dancers who want to train at a more intense level.  Dancers must train 8+ hours a week (depending on level) plus choreography time. Requirements are 3 Ballet classes, 1 Jazz, 1 Hip Hop, 1 Stretch/Strength Class, 1 Acro and 1 Tap class per week with the option to take additional intensive classes in Pointe, Acro, and Modern. Most dancers in this stream participate in a minimum of 5 group dances plus additional choreography.

Full-Time Company
Dancers in this program:
    • Dancers Age 7-18 – Train 8+ hours a week
    • Must train in 3 ballet classes, 1 acro class, 1 hip-hop class, 1  tap class, 1 stretch/ strength and 1 jazz class (per week)
    • Dancers compete in a Jazz Line, Lyrical, and Tap routine for the Competition Season
    • Dancers may choose to train or compete in additional styles: acro, contemporary, hip hop, modern, musical theatre etc. based on invitation.
    • Dancers may be offered additional groups, duet/trios or solos, based on invitation.
    • Monthly fees range from $250 + per month for classes, based on total hours of training
    • Dancers may be selected to participate in the exam ballet program (based on invitation)
    • Additional fees apply for costumes, entrance fees, and choreography (for additional groups, duets, trios, and/or solos)
    • Dancers must be available to attend our Summer Dance Intensive




Past Performances have included:

  • Culture Days 2018-2024
  • 5th Annual Mayors Gala- Milton Centre for the Arts- January 2017
  • Culture Days 2017
  • Talk About Talent 2017
  • Milton Street Festival Opening Ceremony 2017
  • Culture Days 2016
  • Acton Fall Fair 2016
  • Relay for Life Opening Ceremonies 2016
  • Milton District Hospital Fundraiser 2016
  • 4th Annual Mayors Gala- Milton Centre for the Arts- January 2016
  • Milton Santa Claus Parade 2015
  • 3rd Annual Mayors Gala- Milton Centre for the Arts- January 2015
  • Milton Stags Season Opener- November 2014
  • Milton Sanata Claus Parade 2014
  • Milton Culture Days- Opening Ceremonies and “Once Upon a Time…” September 2014
  • Pan Am 1 Year count Down- July 2014
  • Campellville’s 100th Anniversary- June 2014
  • Milton Strawberry Festival- June 2014
  • Rotary Club of Milton- Diamonds and Denim Fundraiser- April 2014
  • Raptors Pre-Game Show-  April 2014
  • Milton Stags Season Opener- November 2013
  • The Santa Claus Parade – November 2013
  • Tiger Cats Half Time Show- September 2013
  • Milton Culture Days- September 2013
  • P.L. Robertson Fall Fair- September 2013
  • Autism Awareness Fundraiser – May 2013
  • The Santa Claus Parade- November 2012
  • Milton Stags Season Opener- November 2012
  • Milton Culture Days- September 2012

Please email the school for more details or to register for an audition.