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No Risk Guarantee

  • We guarantee to make your child’s love of dance grow and blossom no matter when they start. Dancers are welcome to try the first class, free of charge, before making the year-long commitment. (Trial classes are not offered for classes that are FULL.)


Registration will open in May, 2024 for current TDC Families for

our 2024/2025 Season for all Level I-V Classes

Levels and Age Groups

This season we will be introducing NEW Levels to help meet the needs of our clients:

Pre-School Dance- Ages 2 and 3  *Dancers must be 2 by the 1st day of class.

KinderDance- Ages 4 and 5  Junior – Ages 6-8

Intermediate-  Ages 9-11 Teen- Ages 12+

Advanced- Ages 14+,   previous experience required. By Invitation Only.

All dancers must meet the age requirements above by December 31st, 2024. Dancers may be moved to a different level based on teachers’ recommendations only.



Dancers in our Pre-School program will have an in-house performance in June held at The Dance Class.  Dancers in KinderDance, Junior, Intermediate, Teen, and Advanced levels will participate in our Spring Recital. Costumes will be invoiced in full in January.  Please note, that you will receive an invoice via Square for any registration fees, deposits, or tuition fees. Payment can be made via Square for these invoices by Debit and Credit Card.



-All Balances Due Upon Receipt. Please contact the Studio if you have any questions.

-All recreational clients will be charged a $45 non-refundable registration fee (1 per family- for Fall-Spring Registrations). Monthly tuition is sent on the 1st of each month and is due no later than the 5th of each month. An admin/late fee of 10% will be applied on the 6th of each month.

-Recrational registration fees ($45 per family) and monthly payment plans are due September 1st, 2024 with classes scheduled to begin September 9th, 2024.

-Due to our limited class sizes, we kindly ask you to let us know immediately if you change your mind about class selections. We want to make sure we have enough room for everyone.



-A $50 deposit per camp is due at the time of Summer Camp Registration. These deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred, space permitting, to another camp within the same calendar year. Invoices for the balance will be sent 2 weeks prior to each camp.

-All Summer Camp Sale Offers and BOGO Promotions are final sale and non-refundable.


General Policies

  • REGISTRATION: By September 10th, 2023 , a $45 recreational registration fee (non-refundable) is due per family (same billing address.) Recreational Students: All students ages 4 and up will participate in our year-end Recital. Costume measurements will be taken in December. A one-time costume fee (includes deposit and balance) will be taken (approx. $100-$120 per class + HST)  If a student is unable to participate in the Recital, The Dance Class must be informed in writing no later than December 15 of the current dance season.  Payment for recital costumes will be due by January 25th, 2024. After January 25, 2024, all costume balances are due regardless of a child’s continued participation in a class. A 10% late fee, every 2 weeks, will be applied to any late payments.
  • WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: School closures due to severe weather conditions will be announced by 2 pm on that day. Notifications of weather cancellations will be emailed and posted on the website and the Facebook page/ Twitter page. Refunds are not given for classes canceled due to weather, however, dancers may take an age-appropriate make-up class within one week.
  • LOST OR STOLEN PROPERTY: The Dance Class is not responsible for lost or stolen property at the Studio. Please leave all valuables, jewelry and electronics at home.
  • COMMUNICATION: By subscribing, I agree to receive important information from The Dance Class via emails, hand outs and phone calls, regarding Studio policies, rehearsals, special events, and performances. You can withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Questions, concerns or comments can be made through email at

Classroom Etiquette

  • Students are advised to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their class and be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the end of their class. Pre-School and KinderDance students must be supervised before class and the parents should stay nearby for the duration of the class. It is up to the teacher’s discretion if a child who arrives late can participate. The teachers and staff are not responsible for students before or after class. Older students should arrive with enough time to properly prepare themselves for the lesson.
  • Students should arrive dressed according to the Studio dress code with all necessary hair accessories and shoes. Hair is to be worn off the face or in a bun beginning at age 5.  Students are expected to participate fully in each class to the best of their ability.
  • A positive, safe, bully-free environment will be strictly enforced.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted in any class. No food or drink is permitted in the dance studios whatsoever, other than bottled water.


  • Enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. For full classes, a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate other students if and when space becomes available. Classes are limited in size and students are grouped according to age. Dancers may be moved based on ability level only by the recommendation of a TDC staff member. Classes begin in September and end in June. Registration ends in December of each year for all classes that participate in our Spring Recital. (ages 5 and up)  Registration fee, costume deposits, and payment plans are due at the time of enrolment.
  • A $45 recreational registration fee is applied to each family at time of registration. This fee is non-refundable.
  • All cancellations must be given in writing, 2 weeks prior to the end of the month.
  • Class cancellations will not be honored after April 1st.
  • Registration fees and costume deposits are non-refundable.

Payment Options

  • A $45 recreational registration fee will be applied to each family upon the time of registration. Non-refundable.
  • A $50 costume deposit for each class (Levels 1 and up, excluding Adult Classes) is due at the time of registration. Non-refundable.
  • 3 Options for Payment: 1 installment- 1 payment made on the day of registration.
  • or 2 installments- 2 equal payments due  September 1st and February 1st
  • or Monthly- 10 equal payments due the 1st of each month.
  • Payments may be made by Cheque (Summers Dance Inc.) or pre-authorized Credit Card


  • A $20.00 processing fee will be added for all returned cheques. The Studio reserves the right to discontinue a dancer’s classes for non-payment of tuition and fees when necessary.
  • Past Due: Parents or students who allow their account to go into arrears may forfeit their place in class and will not be able to participate in the recital. If a circumstance should arise where payment will not be made at an agreed time it is incumbent upon the client to inform The Dance Class immediately to make alternative arrangements.
  • Any tuition not received within 5 days of the first of the month is subject to a 10% admin/late fee. Accounts failing to pay under the terms of our policies and registration contract without previous arrangements will be subject to collections activities.


  • The studio requires written notice to the front desk at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the month if you wish to discontinue classes.
  • Classes may not be canceled in May or June. Dancers who cancel after December 31st are liable for the purchase of the recital costume for KinderDancer-Advanced Classes.
  • If you wish to cancel a class, written notice must be provided to Summers Dance Inc. and the Dance Class no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of the month.
  • Summer camp deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to another camp within the same season – if space allows.
  • Costume fees are also non-refundable once invoiced.


  • Our studio requires all students to arrive at class regularly and on time. Please notify the front desk if you will be missing classes for an extended period due to illness or vacation. Tuition refunds will not be made in the case of absences due to illness or vacation.


  • Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class communicate with Parents and Students predominantly by electronic mail. By providing your email address above, Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class have been granted consent to send news, announcements, and any pertinent information by email


  • Regarding the precedent of Covid-19, and in the event of another pandemic level illness : Covid-19 and pandemic guidelines and use of masks and personal protective equipment: Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class will be complying with all Ontario guidelines and are proud to be a part of Dance Safe Ontario, which has created the Ontario Dance & Performing Arts School workplace guidelines for and pandemic illness, such as Covid-19. Pandmeic (Covid-19) rules and regulations are available on the website and will be kept up to date. In case of an emergency, Pandemic (Covid-19) rules and regulations will be relaxed. Studio closure due to government shutdown: in the event that Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class are mandated by the government to close the Studio at a future time, classes will continue virtually via zoom for the remainder of the first month of the closure, thus making that month’s fees non-refundable. After the first month, recreational dancers will have the option to continue lessons virtually over zoom. Recreational dancers who choose to re-enroll for in-person lessons, once we are cleared to open, will be charged a $20+hst re-enrollment fee. Classes for Competitive Company dancers will continue on zoom for the duration of the Government shutdown. Tuition for Competitive Company dancers/families will continue as usual. Tuition paid in full is not eligible for a refund but will be eligible for a credit that can be applied for future use with no expiration date.



I agree that if my dependent or I engage in any physical exercise, class, or activity on the premises, at home or at any venue where we participate as representatives of The Dance Class, we do so at our own risk. We agree that we are voluntarily participating in activities and use of said facilities, premises (including the parking lot) online/digital classes and designated The Dance Class venues. We assume all risk of injury, illness, damage, or loss to us or our property that might result, including, without limitation, any loss or theft of any personal property. We agree that this consent and assumption of risk statement covers each and every event or activity sponsored by The Dance Class. We agree to release and discharge you, namely, Summers Dance Inc. and your affiliates and related parties and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, instructors, insurers, shareholders, owners, and operators from any and all liability and any and all claims, demands and causes of action of any kind whatsoever that we may have arising out of our participation in a program or related activity, including as a result of negligence. We acknowledge that we have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand that it is a release of liability. We are waiving any right that we may have to bring legal action to assert a claim against you for your negligence.


This release will remain in effect from the time of signing, indefinitely. In the course of performing or participating in a class, people including but not limited to, a representative of Summers Dance Inc or The Dance Class, Staff, Hired Agent, and Students may take photographs, video,s or otherwise record events. The Undersigned, on my own behalf and/or on behalf of my child gives permission to Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class to photograph and record me and/or my child’s image and performance on still photographs, motion picture film, audio tape, video tape or digital media and to use this material, and/or similar material provided to Summers Dance Inc and The Dance Class by me or Third Parties involved in promoting Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class programs and services, in whole or in part, now and in the future, through the media of television, film, internet, multi-media presentation, radio, audiotape, videotape, in printed form and display form for the promotion of Summers Dance Inc and The Dance Class. I, on my own behalf and/or on behalf of my child assign and transfer to Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class any and all proprietary rights, including Copyright, and waive all personal rights, which I may have or my child may have in this material. Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class is only responsible for official uses of photographs and recordings. Any personal uses by employees, students, members and non-members outside of the promotional uses outlined above are not monitored by nor the responsibility of Summers Dance Inc and The Dance Class.


Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class shall not be liable for any accident or injury of whatever nature or sort whether resulting directly or indirectly from any activities on our premises or otherwise,  regardless of cause unless due to gross negligence on the part of Summers Dance Inc or The Dance Class, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whether by theft or otherwise to any articles belonging to any person brought onto our premises. The undersigned hereby gives permission for a member of Summers Dance Inc. or The Dance Class to take myself or my child to a medical/dental facility, if necessary. In Case Of Emergency, if none of the above can be contacted, the undersigned hereby gives consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dentistry. This care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve the life through medical care and any emergency treatments. Summers Dance Inc. and The Dance Class will not be responsible for the cost of any medical care or emergency treatments. The Undersigned hereby waives all claims whatsoever in connection with such Medical Treatments.


Costume Fee Deposits will be Non-Refundable once costumes are in production. Choreography fees are non-refundable once choreography has commenced and competition entry fees are non-refundable.


REGISTRATION: At the time of registration, a $45 recreational registration fee is due per family (same billing address.)  The Dance Class holds the right to cancel or reschedule any class with less than 5 children registered by October 1st.  The Dance Class must receive a written statement if you wish to cancel a class. This must be received two weeks prior to the end of the month.