The Dance Class is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19

Posted on: May 1, 2020
 The Dance Class is currently CLOSED due to the COVID-19 Crisis.
We have transitioned to an online platform for anyone who wishes to continue dancing from home. Please email us for more information.
We want all our families to know that we DO intend to carry on, we DO intend to re-open, and we DO intend to see everyone back in the studio again! We do not want to take dance away from our students…..they will need it even more when all this is behind us. It will truly take a community, one that we honestly feel we have built-in Milton over the last 8 years. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything.
We will continue to update you as more information unfolds. We eagerly look forward to getting back to our regular schedule, however, we understand it may take time to do so.
We encourage everyone to stay home, be kind, be calm and wash your hands!
Ashley and Kelly Summers